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where have you been D:

I don’t come on much anymore cuz I can only use my tumblr off my iPod :( which sucks.

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Walking into a room of pity.

I think I’d rather be alone, and be with him years from now. I’m so unhappy.. Maybe it’s just all bad timing. I know, and I’m scared that if we’re together now.. It wouldn’t last.. And the breakup will just be horrible. And if we get together now, and stay together.. We won’t stay happy with each other in the long run. I can’t keep dealing with this forever. I truly believe my mind works like a body rejecting a piercing.. I’m so depressed because I know it won’t work, I know I’m not happy, it’s naturally trying to protect me and let me know ” this isnt right”… So why am I still in this situation if it’s rejecting so much?…